6-35kV XLPE Insulated Power Cable

6-35kV XLPE Insulated Power Cable as per IEC60502-1997 code.

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For XLPE insulated power cable, chemical method and physical method were used to transform the molecular structure of PE with straight-chain into XLPE with reticulate structure, and transform the thermoplastic PE into thermosetting XLPE. XLPE hasthe advantages of high mechanical strength, outstanding environmental stress resistance, excellent heat aging properties and electrical performance.
XLPE insulated power cable has the advantages of lighter weight, simpler construction, lower dielectric loss, easier operation and anti-chemical corrosion properties. It can also be laid without limitation of the fall along the route.

The cable is suitable to be installed in transmission and distribution lines of rated voltage from 6kV to 35kV.

The cable is produced according to the standard GB/T12706-2002, which is equivalent to IEC60502-1997.

– Max. rated temperature of the cable conductor is 90˚C.
– Max. short circuit temperature of the cable conductor shall not exceed 250˚C.(Max. duration no exceeding 5s)
– There are two kinds of rated voltage (U0) according to the ground fault duration.
The first kind of cable: used for the system that every earth fault duration does not exceed 1 minute or the system that the earth fault duration does not exceed 8h every time and the total time for every year does not exceed 125h.
The second kind of cable: used for the system with longer earth fault duration. The second kind of cable will also be used for the situation with higher requirement for the cable’s insulation performance.
– When laying the cable at the ambient temperature of 0˚C and above,there is no need to pre-heat and the laying is not limited by the fall.
Min. bending radius during installation:
Single core cable: 20(D+d)±5%mm
Multi-core cable: 15(D+d)±5%mm
Where: D-the actual outer diameter of cable,mmd-the actual outer diameter of the conductor,mm