Telecom Outdoor Shelter Equipment Cabin

Telecom Equipment Cabin Outdoor Shelter

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Outdoor shelter is widely applied as equipment cabin or generator carrier in the telecommunication industry, but also for battery cabin, or for camp residence in emergency, and so on. Shelters solutions proposed by Sky Networks are a result of a vast world-wide experience gained with major contractors or integrators.

Sky Networks have full capabilities and experience to design and supply shelters either of standard ISO-size shelters commonly used for most applications, or using dimensions specified by customers.

Our shelter features:
– Various type outdoor shelter according to environment
– Various outdoor shelter specifications, such as A-shaped roof shelter, pre-assembly shelter, camouflaged shelter, etc.
– Flexible installation, convenience for operation and maintenance

Sky Networks are also in a position to offer fully-equipped shelters, including ancillary equipment and systems such as:
– Climate control (cooling and heating) systems
– AC/DC power distribution systems
– Grounding systems
– Internal / external lighting systems
– Firel alarm and extinguishing systems
– Remote monitoring and signal-control systems
– Cable entries, trays and ladders
– Anchoring supports/cantilevers
– Access ladders/stairs, working platforms, roof protection grid