Telecom Structure & Equipment

We provide a wide range of infrastructure & equipment products for mobile telecom industry, such as lattice towers, monopole, camouflaged artificial tree monopole, outdoor shelters, DC power supply…etc

48V Indoor Cabinet DC power up to 81kW

SPS 48/600 2900 cabinetized power supply system

Camouflaged Artificial Tree Monopole

Camouflage solution! Disguising mounting structure as normal Pine Tree, Palm Tree...

Telecom Monopole

Ornate & Elegant antenna mounting structure solution fulfill aesthetic requirements.

Telecom Lattice Mast Tower

The perfect low cost and good quality tower solution for start-up sites.

Telecom Outdoor Shelter Equipment Cabin

Telecom Equipment Cabin Outdoor Shelter

48V Indoor Cabinet DC power up to 32.4kW

DUM series cabinetized power supply system