Telecom Structure & Equipment

We provide a wide range of infrastructure & equipment products for mobile telecom industry, such as lattice towers, monopole, camouflaged artificial tree monopole, outdoor shelters, DC power supply…etc

Telecom Lattice Mast Tower

The perfect low cost and good quality tower solution for start-up sites.

Telecom Monopole

Ornate & Elegant antenna mounting structure solution fulfill aesthetic requirements.

Camouflaged Artificial Tree Monopole

Camouflage solution! Disguising mounting structure as normal Pine Tree, Palm Tree...

Telecom Outdoor Shelter Equipment Cabin

Telecom Equipment Cabin Outdoor Shelter

48V Indoor Cabinet DC power up to 32.4kW

DUM series cabinetized power supply system

48V Indoor Cabinet DC power up to 81kW

SPS 48/600 2900 cabinetized power supply system