CCTV Mounting Structures

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CCTV Equipment Mounting Structures

At Sky Networks Engineering, we strive to remain at the forefront of innovation by bringing our customers efficient, effective and reliable solutions for your CCTV telecom equipments installation.

Our fixed and tilt down industrial type poles, ornate city center poles and street furniture, with full weather protection for a long lasting install whose surface are hot dip galvanized treated and can be painted to any RAL color range.

Alongside our range of poles and towers, we also offer a full range of wall mounted, parapet wall or corner mounted, pole clamp and free standing rooftop camera mounting structure.

Products mainly include:
—Fixed and tilt down poles,columns, towers, and masts;
—Cabinet Based Pole fixed & tilt down (tiltable, tilt over);
—Telescopic poles,columns, towers, and masts;
—PAGA Speaker Pole, Call Station Pole, Intercom Pole, Paging Pole, Field Emergency Phone Pole, ANPR/ALPR Pole, PIR Pole, Beacon Pole, Entry & Exit Access Card Reader Pole (Single & Dual);
—Other custom designed structure;

If you’re looking for something more bespoke, our expert engineers will happily design products from hand drawn sketches or digital drawings.

We work with mission critical projects everyday.


Let us help you to gear your project installations for maximum efficiency. Contact us and see how we can help you…