Steel Structure for Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals

Steel Structure for Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals Industrial Communications

Sky Networks Engineering (SNE) is a total communications infrastructure solutions provider with the global logistics to provide innovative products and services to satisfy your project needs.

Our products for oil & Gas, Petrochemical field mainly include Telecommunications system, Security & Surveillance system, Transport and
Broadcasting market for Onshore Oil & Gas field, offshore oil rig platform, Petrochemical Refinery, LNG, Pipelines & Tanks.

The telecom system consists of a variety of subsystems for human and computer wired and wireless communications, monitoring, observation, messaging and entertainment.

SNE mounting structures mainly supports your following systems:
· Public address and alarm system/F&G integration
· Access control
· Drillers talk-back system
· UHF radio network system
· Closed circuit TV (CCTV) system
· Mandatory radio system
· Security access control
· Meteorological system/sea wave radar
· Telecom antenna tower and antennas
· PABX telephone system
· Entertainment system
· Marine radar and vessel movement system
· Office data network and computer system
· Personnel paging system
· Platform personnel registration and tracking system
· Telecom management and monitoring system
· Ship communication system/PABX extension
· Radio link system
· Mux and fiber optical terminal equipment
· Intrusion detection
· Satellite systems

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