Project Management

The project organization consists of the project manager, technical engineers, logistic coordinates, and commissioning engineers and after-sales engineers.
PM is the principal point of contact throughout the project and the rest of the team is responsible for progress of the works, drawings, procurement, liaison and support,production of operation, issuance of documents, etc.
Design engineers, in cooperation with the project manager, handle the task of design and raising necessary requests to enable the preparation including all associated works such as electrical, civil and structural works.
It is a cycle to allow for the update and re-submission of technical documents.

Supply Chain

The supply chain management in Sky Networks is based on our leading information technology. All the logistics operation, like planning, sourcing, manufacture, distribution etc., are systemized and standardized operated.
Moreover, 10-years supply chain management experience enabled Sky Networks to accumulate abundant supply chain resource, such as transporting and warehousing network national wide.
In Sky Networks you will experience efficiency and cost-saving supply chain solutions.

System Integration

The System Integration Service in Sky Networks does not just simply assemble each function part together.
Based on the comprehensive understanding of business operation in all industry areas, our system integration expert team could design the customized technical operation solutions under our strict quality management environment for your system mode.
We are technology-driven, our system integration service include production, system consulting, and product R&D etc.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

Factory acceptance tests are conducted and report is submitted to client for approval. The test is performed in the presence of the main contractor and client representatives and is carried out to verify and ascertain specifications per project requirement. The punch list is prepared and rectified during FAT.
Site acceptance testing of the system is performed based on the procedures approved by the client. The entire system is offered for demonstration to the client representatives. Any deficiencies noted are resolvedand re-tested.The final SAT test reports will be submitted for final review and approval.