Power Transmission Line Towers, Substation Frame Structure

Power Transmission Line Towers, Substation Frame Structure

As traditional Transmission Tower, angle tower is featured in wide application, standardized design, matured technology and can be used in various types of voltage and transmission distance. The angle tower manufactured by us has been in the some key power grid construction projects.

Generally, we manufacture as per drawings and requirements provided by Purchaser and applying relating Chinese National Standard and equivalent Chinese raw material.


1. Material: Q235 / Q345 or material equivalent for required standards

2. Voltage : 10KV, 110KV, 220KV, 500KV or others.

3. Antenna Support: 3-20 PCS Wind Pressure: 5-190 KM/H

4. Surface Coating: Hot Dip Galvanization or Painting (special treating for the long duration sea transportation)

5. Welding: CO2 welding or Submerged arc auto methods

6. Spare Parts: Parts for connection or installation will be provided

7. Design Lifetime: More than 30 years

8. Capacity: 15000 MT per Month

9. Type test accepted, Pre-shipment test accept