48V Indoor Cabinet DC power up to 81kW

SPS 48/600 2900 cabinetized power supply system

SPS 48/600



SPS 48/600 2900 cabinetized power supply system is designed to meet higher power efficiency and versatile technical requirement. Compact structure, full integrated functions of rectifier and system make SPS 48/600 2900 typical applications are providing 48V standby power for central data center and wireless transmission center.

Intelligent system management features include battery temperature compensation, fast charge, battery current limit, automatic equalize charging and automatic battery condition monitoring. With a compact power and distribution design, the system provides a maximum flexibility with a variety of possibilities.

1  High efficiency, energy-saving, green DC power.
2. Digitalized Primary and secondary controls could realize excellent monitoring and regulation.
3. Ethernet interface built-in;
4. High reliability design;
5. Advanced battery management capacity Battery asymmetry control;
6. Excellent EMC performance;
7. Lower interference and excellent susceptibility give module better reliability;
8. Global approvals:CE marked, UL recognized and TUV certified for worldwide application.

Typical Applications:
– Wireless, Wireline communication
– Data center access
– 3G center base station
– Transmission center station
– Broadband and network access

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