Telecom Polygonal Monopole

Ornate & Elegant antenna mounting structure solution fulfill aesthetic requirements.

MPGU series


To minimize the environmental impact of antenna supporting structure, Sky Networks has created monopole vertical structure, which combines technology and functionality with the present-day aesthetic needs in both large and small urban areas.

Telecom Monopoles are of always slip joint polygonal, used in cellular radio base stations and in radio centres, where high antenna loads are not required. The advantages of this technical solution are reduced environmental impact, shorter installation times and cost-effective comparing with traditional lattice structures.

Foundation Anchor Bolts are made of steel rods cast in reinforced concrete foundations, and positioned by setting templates which are included in the supply.

Supporting Structure is composed of individual cone-shaped shafts. The bottom section is connected to anchor bolts by base flange. Other sections are mounted onto each other by slip joint method.

Climbing Ladders are anchored to outside of the pole, and can be equipped with fall arrester system as option.

Platforms of metal grating walking surface are bolted together when installation at site.

Lightning Protection System consists of down conductors and lightning spike at pole top.

Grounding Protection receives the electrical discharge from lightning protection system to ground. Copper of galvanized grounding rods are connected to conductors by clamps & busbars.

Aircraft Warning Light (ACWL)System conforms to ICAO standard.

Antenna Mounts are designed to support various radiant systems including RF panel & omni-directional, also Microwave dishes.

Structural steel design according to latest international standard (ANSI/TIA-222 code:
– Design wind speed (EIA-222): 125km/h, up to 160km/h
– Constant operational wind on entire height: 100km/h, up to 130km/h
– Top deflection (operational wind speed): default 0.5degree

Comply with the requirements of Chinese Standards, which are equipvalent to ISO standards:
– Main members Q345B/A572, auxiliary Q235B/A36
– Nuts and Bolts GB 3098.1.2 Grade 8.8

– Welding as per code AWS1.1 and GB50205-2001, GB50017-2003
– Surfaces are treated by hot-dip galvanizing in accordance to Chinese GB13912-2002 and ASTM A123/A123M:
– Paint finish of metallic structure upon requirement in RAL color range.

Standard supply provides the minimum configuration required for pole commissioning, excluding radiant systems and mounts.
– Foundation set (Anchoring bolts & setting templates)
– Supporting structure, may divided into shafts/sections considering container length limitation;
– Climbing ladders with fall arrester system as option;
– Touch-up paint as option when required.
– Packing list with assembly and maintenance instructions
– Packing & shipment;

* Telecom Monopole Tower is a custom designed product complying with your project specifications. Please contact us with detailed requirements.