Cabinet Based Pole Tilt Down

Aesthetically pleasing structure to house both camera and control equipment.

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Cabinet based CCTV pole ensures an aesthetically pleasing structure to house both camera at top and control equipment inside cabinet. And the tilt down mechanism with demountable winch makes this range a best luxury model.

Typical Applications:

Public urban area surveillance
Platforms of railway
Industrial & Commercial district;
School campus,  library & museum
Telecom sites
Car parking area

1. Stable structure for all camera types;

2. Standard cabinet sizes 400mm, and can manufactured as per specified;

3. Flush fitting door level with cabinet surface giving enhanced security;

4. Fitted vents allowing full convection system eliminating condensation;

5. This pole range can be used in any location from Town Centre to Industrial/Commercial locations using relevant options.

6. Demountable winches allow for a secure installation whilst also reducing costs on multiple installations;

7. Constructed in high tensile steel and hot dip galvanised after fabrication for durability

8. Accept appropriate SNE accessories

– – DESIGN design-icon
Structural steel design according to latest ILETR7, BS6399 AND BS8100 code:
– Design wind speed: 28.8m/s mean hourly wind speed;
– Constant operational wind on entire height: 20m/s mean hourly wind speed
– Top deflection (operational wind speed): 0.1degree;

– – MATERIAL material-icon
Comply with the requirements of Chinese Standards:
– Main members Q345B/A572 auxiliary Q235B/A36
– Nuts and Bolts GB 3098.1.2 Grade 8.8

– – MANUFACTUREmanufacture-icon
– All materials are protected by hot-dip galvanizing in accordance to Chinese GB13912-2002 and ASTM A123/A123M:
– Welding as per code AWS1.1 and GB50205-2001, GB50017-2003
– Paint finish of metallic structure upon requirement

– – SUPPLY supply-icon
Standard supply provides the minimum configuration required for pole commissioning, excluding radiant systems and mounts.
– Foundation set (Anchoring bolts & setting templates)
– Supporting structure, may divided into shafts/sections if container length limitation;
– Packing list with assembly and maintenance instructions
– Packing & shipment;