Square Column Tilt Down

Most cost effective camera mounting in square profile.

CST series


Camera Mounting Columns offer an extremely cost-effective and practical solution and cover all requirements for most CCTV system mounting scenarios.
This most versatile range of static square column will provide stable mounting platforms to ensure a good quality stable picture. Mostly suitable for installation in all areas and feature as a prefered choice for the cost-sensitive. It is a common sight on nearly every commercial area in China and also in many places around the global.

Available in both static and tilt down models, and this tilt down models are more popular with its reducing multiple installation cost feature.

Typical Applications:
Public area of Industrial and commercial
Perimeter fence detection
School campus and university
Railway platforms
Car parking lots for retail/outlets
Secure boundary
Sports stadiums

1. Most cost-effective solution for gaining a desired camera mounting height. Standard PTZ fixing holes on 101.6PCD.
2. Serving as stable structures for all camera types ensuring minimal picture vibration;
3. Secure lockable service access door and plywood backboard as standard for inspection/junction apertures.
4. Suitable for public access areas;
5. Accepts appropriate SNE accessories and bracketry, such as anti climb collar.
6. Demountable winches allow for a secure installation whilst also reducing costs on multiple installations; Tilting of pole can usually be simply carried out by single operator
7. Constructed in high strengthen steel and hot dip galvanized after fabrication for durability and installation in saline/hostile environments;

Structural steel design according to latest ILETR7, BS6399 and BS8100 code:
– Design wind speed : mean hourly wind speed 28.8 m/s
– Constant operational wind on entire height: 20m/s mean hourly wind speed
– Top deflection (operational wind speed): 0.1degree default

Comply with the requirements of Chinese Standards, which are equipvalent to ISO standards:
– Main members Q345B/A572, auxiliary Q235B/A36
– Nuts and Bolts GB 3098.1.2 Grade 8.8
– Foundation bolt Grade 4.6 full galvanized

– Welding as per code AWS1.1, ISO1461 and GB50205-2001, GB50017-2003
– Surfaces are treated by hot-dip galvanizing in accordance to Chinese GB13912-2002 and ASTM A123/A123M
– Paint finish of metallic structure in RAL color range upon project requirements

Standard supply provides the minimum configuration required for pole commissioning, excluding camera, JB & washer equipments & mounts.
– Foundation set (Anchoring bolts & setting templates)
– Supporting structure body
– Touch-up paint as option when required.
– Packing list with assembly and maintenance instructions
– Packing & shipment;

* CCTV Pole/Column products & accessories can be custom designed complying with your project specifications. Please contact us with detailed requirements for an ordering discussion.