Octagonal Pole Mid-hinged/Tiltable

Mid-hinged Octagonal with a simple raising and lowering mechanism.

Mid-hinged Octagonal Pole act on a simple mechanical see-saw principle with the pole lowering in it’s own foot print. The raising and lowering operation is either by direct pull for lower capacities or by pulley if a higher capacity is required.

The pole design is an ideal solution where space is limited and offers a simple, safe and effective method for maintenance purpose of traffic surveillance as well as all security monitoring applications.

Typical Applications:
Sports Stadium
Perimeter fence detection

1. Stable structure for light duty camera mounting;
2. Constructed in high tensile steel and hot dip galvanised after fabrication for durability and installation in saline/hostile environments;
3. Secure lockable access door;
4. Accepts appropriate SNE accessories and bracketry;

Structural steel design according to latest ILETR7, BS6399 and BS8100 code:
– Design wind speed : mean hourly wind speed 28.8 m/s
– Constant operational wind on entire height: 20m/s mean hourly wind speed
– Top deflection (operational wind speed): 0.1degree default

Comply with the requirements of Chinese Standards, which are equipvalent to ISO standards:
– Main members Q345B/A572, auxiliary Q235B/A36
– Nuts and Bolts GB 3098.1.2 Grade 8.8
– Foundation bolt Grade 4.6 full galvanized

– Welding as per code AWS1.1, ISO1461 and GB50205-2001, GB50017-2003
– Surfaces are treated by hot-dip galvanizing in accordance to Chinese GB13912-2002 and ASTM A123/A123M
– Paint finish of metallic structure in RAL color range upon project requirements

Standard supply provides the minimum configuration required for pole commissioning, excluding camera, JB & washer equipments & mounts.
– Foundation set (Anchoring bolts & setting templates)
– Supporting structure body
– Touch-up paint as option when required.
– Packing list with assembly and maintenance instructions
– Packing & shipment;

* CCTV Pole products & accessories can be custom designed complying with your project specifications. Please contact us with detailed requirements for an ordering discussion.